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The 3rd F

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Third F:  Furniture collection and install.  9/9, 9:30 am at the Regal Palladium, Highpoint

“To us, it looks like Faith, as in a belief in something unseen and outside of the man himself”. – Dredd & OBT, Freed to Lead

In F3 Greensboro and Northern Alliance, the Pax, M's and 2.0's accelerate the 3rd F and engage our “Faith” in multiple ways to acknowledge our shared brotherhood and responsibility for service.

Here is an opportunity to Serve

Meet in the SW corner of the Palladium Parking lot in Highpoint, 9:30 am on 9/9/23.  From there we will drive a short distance to the apartment.

address: 5830 Samet Dr, High Point, NC 27265


                Oak View Elementary in High Point has had the opportunity to hire two international teachers this school year through a global teaching partnership program.  These two young licensed teachers came from Jamaica on August 11, 2023 to North Carolina to begin their teaching opportunity at Oak View Elementary.  As part of the transition, they came to NC with a few personal belongings to begin the school year. They were able to secure a comfortable apartment and are waiting for their young children to come to North Carolina in late fall or early winter. 


                Unfortunately, they have transitioned to the states with limited supplies.  They currently have no furniture to come home to after a long day of work.  They are sleeping on air mattresses. They are looking for some simple supplies to support creating their new home here in North Carolina. These items include mattresses and frames, a couch/sofa, television, dresser and possibly a table and chair set.  These home items would help support their own personal “self-care” and sense of “home” after working all day with elementary scholars.  The importance of providing a place where they can unwind, and separate work and home is important in their success here at the school.  Teachers within GCS are paid on a 10 month pay scale with the first check provided in August and the last check distributed in May making summer months or large transitions (such as this) difficult in the first few months.

Northern Alliance is calling on Pax, M’s and 2.0 to help collect furniture this week, and help “install” this furniture on 9/9 at 9:30 am.   

  • Donate Furniture: If you have furniture you would like to donate (see list below) please reach out directly to Jayhawk (Steven Johnson) 336-558-8800 (cell/text) or  We can coordinate on how to get the furniture delivered to the install on 9/9.

  • Donate Time? If you don’t have any furniture to donate, but would like  to help with the install on 9/9, please meet us at the Regal Palladium in Highpoint, specifically in the Southern portion of the parking lot at 5830 Samet Dr, Highpoint, NC 27265

  • Donate Treasure?  I expect we will need to purchase some mattresses, unless we can get new/sanitized ones donated.  I have started a go-fund-me page, :

Needed Items:

  • 2 beds: frames and mattresses (Go Fund Me to raise money for mattresses if these can not be donated).  They are currently sleeping on air mattresses.

  • 2 dressers

  • TV

  • Blender

  • Sofa/couch

  • Dining Table and Chairs

  • Lamps

  • Bedside tables (2?()

  • Coffee Table

  • Washer and Dryer (they have modern hookups available)

  • end table

At this time clothing is not a necessity (that may change with the changing NC winter).

We are also not sure of the ages/sex of the children, so we may have a 2nd collection this winter once the kids arrive and we can assess their needs.

Go-Fund Me

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